Irene Catlin

Irene Catlin

Fiber Arts

Having lived in Chattanooga for twenty years and finished raising my three children, I turned back to a long ago desire to weave.

In the early 1980′s I completed a semester in weaving at East Tennessee State College which was tabled for family functioning. In 2008 I returned to weaving and have focused mainly on wraps, scarves, and lately ponchos.

My interest lies in color, texture and either basic weaving without pattern to let the yarn itself show, or to combine architectural patterning, twills or herringbone patterns to achieve the best appearance of the yarn and garment.

In weaving there are no set patterns other than historical pattern designs from early America and tartans, to create a project. There are very few set patterns and pattern books to create a shawl or scarf project as there are in knitting.

To make the wraps/shawls I envision, I create my own project patterns for each garment I make. In doing so I consider the yarns’ color, diameter and weight, feel, sheen, elasticity, texture, adding a twill, plaid or herringbone pattern, and the combination of all of these which may enhance the piece. After deciding on the look of a piece I have to calculate the amount of yarn needed for both the warp and weft. This is done for each individual piece. Thereby each piece is unique. I like to keep them contemporary and fresh. The colors and textures available now and the increasing variety of fibers – llama, alpaca, mink, yak, bamboo along with the old standards of wool, cashmere, silk, and their combinations make for an exciting venture in the weavings I produce and the process I love.

Irene Catlin’s Work

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