Laurie Graham


I received my bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Technological University Appalachian Center for Crafts in 1993. I took a clay class as a elective and immediately changed my major. I am drawn to the clay and the way it feels in my hands. Though most of my work is wheel thrown, there are infinite ways one can manipulate clay to become whatever shape the mind holds.

I often incorporate different techniques such as altering, hand building, extruding, and carving into my work. I draw much of my inspiration from nature as the clay itself and all it is made of ultimately came from nature.

My inspiration might come from the shape of a leaf, intertwining vines, flowers or interesting textures seen along the way.  Some of these things I pick up and press into the clay to form patterns or textures. Nature also offers an array of colors such as the colors in the sky, the fur of an animal, or the scales on a fish that may inspire how I choose to layer the colors of glazes. I hope the owners of my pots are drawn into the process of making each piece.

I am happy to take special orders and I also do custom dinner ware.

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I can be contacted at  and 931-267-5130.

Laurie Graham’s Work

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