Margret Park

Margret Park

Water Colors

Art is a journey and for me that journey started many decades ago.  Study and experimentation continue to enrich that journey.  The path wanders this way and that and often crosses back over itself. Originally from the Chicago environs, I was lucky to have access to talented instructors and world-class art. There were spaces in time where the practical needs of family and community have directed a large part of my time away from my art.  But it always traveled with me in heart and mind.


Some of the places I have studied: The School the Chicago Art Institute, The American Academy of Art, Hyde Park Art Center and The Art House all in Chicago.


I have exhibited in Chicago and Chattanooga.  My work is in collections throughout the world.  Current work can be seen on my web site and at In-Town Gallery in Chattanooga.


Margret Park’s Work

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