Marie Bergheimer

Marie Bergheimer


Marie Bergheimer is a graduate of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga  with  a BFA in painting and drawing.  After graduating she joined the In-Town Gallery in Chattanooga  for a period and also exhibited work at Trinity Gallery in Atlanta, GA.  After putting her painting on hold for a time, Marie, has returned to In-Town Gallery .

Born in Savannah, GA, Marie, draws from her early memories of the low country imagery of that region:  tidal waters, salt marshes, beaches, horizons. “ I love the process of drawing and painting, the creamy texture of oils, the quick drying demands of hot wax, the love of line, color and space. It’s about trying to convey a mood that you are feeling about a certain subject.  It’s the challenge.”

My series of “Oratorio” paintings are inspired by the small niches that can be found in walls throughout the Mediterranean world. The polished gesso surround acts as a buffer to shelter the inner image much as a niche protects and articulates the space around the iconic image, statue or votive candle.  The Horizons and Doors are reflections on what is just beyond or unseen, but anticipated.

Within the last two years I have begun exploring painting in encaustic, an ancient painting medium that utilizes oil suspended in a beeswax and dammar varnish mixture.  This mixture of oil, beeswax and dammar varnish is heated, applied to the surface and then fused to the previous layer.  The layers of encaustic can be embedded with objects, built up, carved into and when polished can create a beautiful, luminous surface.


Marie Bergheimer’s Work

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