Mary Beth McClure

Warm Glass

“My art is a puzzle, a passion and a pursuit leading to me burning the midnight oil.  I often think “I’m ready to stop”, but the glass has a mind of its own.  As I pull, drag, and rake colors, the glass evolves; I can’t quit.  The glass, its own master, leads me to follow.

Fused glass art is created by layering different colors and types of glass and firing them in a glass kiln.  My work has repeated firings of the glass at temperatures up to 1500 degrees which produces the designs and textures for each individual piece.  These one of a kind piece are created with a variety of techniques to produce glasswork that is unique.”

Mary Beth’s fascination with glass started twenty five years ago.  Initially,she custom designed work in foiled and leaded glass pieces.  Then, she caught the warm glass “bug”.  Fascination, passion, and an inability to stop learning has led her to workshops with Gil Reynolds, Avery Anderson, Brad Walker, Robin Evans, Jane Persico, Lisa Voight, Tommy G, Philip Teefy, Patty Gray, and Richard LaLonde. Clients, as well as teachers, have led to new pursuits and she welcomes the challenge.

Her Tennessee works are displayed at the In-Town Gallery, Museum at Five Points, Morris Gallery and the Chattanooga Market.

Special Information: My work is mainly for indoor use.  The wind chimes may be hung outdoors in a protected area.  You may wash the votives and plates in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.  Treat the cheese trays like you would fine china.  Wash in lukewarm water without submerging the bottleneck.  Do not chill.

Contact the artist though In-town Gallery or:

908 Dunsinane Rd.

Signal Mountain, TN 37377



Mary Beth McClure’s Work

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