Roger Harvey

Roger Harvey

Pottery and Wood



I have worked with wood during much of my life.  I’ve worked as a carpenter, renovated a couple of old houses and built furniture off and on.  I have been offering wooden items at In-Town Gallery since 2014 when my work was accepted in addition to pottery.  My main interests are lathe turned forms, jewelry boxes and clocks.  I also make music stands and stools, mirrors and other small furniture.  I especially enjoy sculptural surfaces and strive to keep my items from looking like they were made from boards.

Many of my turned forms are made from woods with quiet but interesting grain patterns.  They serve as canvases for paintings done with transparent acrylic colors and India ink or metallic foils.  The finishes are often hand sanded and rubbed gloss polyurethane.

I’ve had an interesting life.  I switched from Mechanical Engineering to Art in my fourth year while at the University of Texas in Austin.  I became Director of the Crafts Center in the Student while completing my BFA.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts became my home where I was a potter for six years followed by teaching pottery in a Vocational High School for three years.  I transitioned to jewelry making while teaching and then moved to Boston where I opened a jewelry store and was a goldsmith for eight years.

I moved to Chattanooga in 1987 to work in technical development in jewelry manufacturing.  That used my engineering skills in machine design, writing software and process development.  I got back into pottery making during the later years and have moved entirely to wood work since retirement.


Roger Harvey’s Work

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