Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas

Etchings & Paintings

I work in several types of printmaking media and acrylic paints. I taught myself etching techniques while living in Saudi Arabia. Since then I’ve experimented with different etching chemicals and techniques, seeking less hazardous materials. I carefully plan my image at the beginning of the process, but after exposing the plate to chemicals, tools, inks and sometimes accidents, I relinquish control and see what happens.

My subject matter is generally birds or animals, because I like the textural qualities.  In my paintings, I often isolate the subjects by placing them in dark backgrounds for high drama.  And, of course, most of my work has a humorous quality to it.  Life should be fun.

Linda has an Art Education and Fine Arts degree from UT, Knoxville.  She taught school in Saudi Arabia, Nashville and in the Chattanooga public schools and Chattanooga Christian School.  Linda is a recipient of two Lyndhurst Excellence in Teaching Grants for study in Mexico and Spain.  She was Education Program Coordinator and Education Curator at the Hunter Museum.  She studied printmaking with Barry Moser and the late, Steve LeWinter, and her work has been exhibited at various galleries and included in many collections, including the Hunter Museum, and the private collection of Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia.



Linda Thomas’s Work

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